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Here we go again, another round of fun free escape games to help you get over the hump. Game designers are actually busy this week as well, encouraging us to play under the sea while bringing plenty of smiles and cheerfulness to spread around. Surely you’ve not had enough, though? Come along and allow us to escape the weekday inside Hottategoya’s maze-like minimalism, FunkyLand’s hip vibe and No1Game’s silly humor…

But there’s more: the hearth includes a golden circle on it using the digit 8 over it, and the flower painting has a white petal somewhere in the center but you can’t even get to the painting anyway, and the gentleman is a little upset because there’s an enormous dark heart-shaped hole right at the center of his chest.

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I love this, I love to panic, one problem though, it crashed my browser and pc several times, and when it wasn’t crashing it turned out running really slow. It’s not my rig its pretty top quality, I play games that need far more compared to a browser game should ever require. A shame I won’t be able to finish that one reason behind that reason.

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I m not just a Nintendo fanboy. I still think that Sony and Microsoft are able to do great play ps1 games online games. I feel that both of them may be huge innovators on the market too. I just believe both of them have observed better days currently. Sony had something really amazing happening in the Playstation 1-3 era. Microsoft had some killer apps in the the Xbox and Xbox 360 era. Do I think these firms have completely lost it? No, I think there is still an answer to them both.

Hanano Puzzle (Windows, 1.17MB, free) – This game is just not kidding around. A block sliding puzzle that’s not like most puzzle games you’ve played, Hanano challenges one to move different colored pieces around each level so that you can land them next to like-colored flowers to sprout more blossoms. Odd-sounding, yes, but insanely challenging, then one of people games you’ll start playing and not manage to stop. (Note: By default, Hanano Puzzle is within Japanese. Click on the download link just under the screenshots, when you firstly run the game, pick the English option towards the top.)